New Year Calendar

New Year is celebrated across the world with great fun and passion. New Year comes after 1 week of Christmas as children’s, adults, everyone waiting for New Year. Some Love to celebrate at their home or Travel abroad or do some extraordinary on the eve of New Year occasion.

New Year signifies of new hopes, joy, happiness, success and aspirations by taking off the old worries and woes. There are various types of New Years calendars, the most popular calendars are observed throughout the world are Lunar, Solar, and Lunisolar calendar. However, Attractive New Year Calendars can be used for decoration purpose or gift item. New Year would enable you to fulfill all your dreams and ambitions.

New Year is celebrated according to the regional calendar. Every Country has its fixed calendar dates and begins its New Year celebrations accordingly. The most popularly used calendars of recent years are Lunar, Solar, Lunisolar and Arbitrary calendars. Nowadays, most of the religions follow solar, lunar or lunisolar calendar. The astronomers for references, computations and conversions only used arbitrary calendar, or else it does not have any astronomical base.

A New Year calendar design is an absolute system for the identification of periods of time particularly days. These names are calendar dates. It defines various systems of computing time, mainly with reference to the commencement, extent, and partitions of the year. The dates are based on the movement of astronomical objects. Calendar is a register with the days of each month and week in a year. As a subset, it denotes a catalog of particular set of planned events. For example: Court Calendar

Lunar calendar: It indicates the moon phase. Islamic Calendar is an example.

Solar Calendar: It indicates the revolution of Earth around the Sun to measure time. Persian Calendar is an example.

Lunisolar Calendar: It is synchronized both with the motions of the Moon and with the motion of the Sun. For example Jewish Calendar.

Arbitrary Calendar: It is not synchronized  with both the Moon or the Sun. Its examples are the week and the Julian day.

The calendar that has the longest chronological record is the Chinese New Year calendar exists since 2600BC by the emperor Huang Ti whilst initiating the very first zodiac cycle. It is a lunar calendar based on the cycles of the moon. The beginning of the year is in between the last week of January and mid of February. The cycle completes its round in 60 years and each cycle is of 12 years.

New Year Calendar

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