New Year Celebrations

New Year Day is said to be the oldest and most universally celebrated holiday. New Year is Day traditions vary around the world and New Years Day is perhaps the oldest of all holidays and celebrated everywhere in the world.

It is observed as the 1st day of January, the foremost day of the year. This day has in its own charm and attractions as this denotes as the end of the past, the previous miseries, evils etc. In addition, it is the beginning of the New Year with high hopes and positivity. And when happiness and enthusiasm is in the air then why not celebrate it! Parties, Drinks, Dance, Music, carnival, Holidays everything as it is the time for loosing ourselves and just submerging in the stream of ecstasy and excitement. The date of New Years Day differs in different countries because these follow different calendars.

Celebrations for New Year begin from New Years Eve on 31st December. This is the last day of the Gregorian calendar and the day before New Years Day. Most countries in the world have adopted Gregorian Calendar and celebrate their New Year Day on January 1.

On the new years day celebrations, people wear vibrant new clothes and clean their houses welcoming all the goodness. Some people follow the tradition of first footing and do not leave their homes before someone comes in first. First footing person ought to bring some presents and is bestowed with a warm welcome by the host. Later, in the day people walk out for exchanging greetings and presents with their kith and kin. Most admired New Year gifts comprise of cakes, flowers, chocolates, decoratives and New Year Greeting cards. The notion behind swapping gifts and greetings is to bestow warm wishes for an upcoming Year and reinforce the relationship with the people and pals.
New Years Day is supposed to be a gusted holiday. The countries dominated by Christians have their Christmas holiday extended until New Years Day. Hence, people have all the occasion and raison dêtre to commemorate the holidays. An admired trend is to sojourn for an excursion to the exquisite places. During this period a colossal surge is spotted in the malls, cinemas and restaurants as many people especially, youngsters celebrate the New Years by stepping out with their dear ones.

New Years Day Review
In modern times, media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television make a review of the preceding year. These channels provide us news reminiscing over the happenings of the past and make forecasts for the upcoming year. a variety of astronomical calculations for the impending year are made which are cherished by people who are extremely fervent to sneak a quick look on the approaching year.

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