New Year Traditions

The advent of the New Year has always been a juncture of celebration for people around the globe. By leaving behind the sweet and sour memories, people hope to start the New Year with fresh vigor.

In US, people gather at Times Square situated in New York on the New Year eve according to the tradition and rejoicing it till the wee hours of the next day, the 1st day of the new year. The thrilling throngs chock-a-block the eye-catching square compelling everyone to join the celebration. The intact event is telecasted live also so that the rest of the Americans and the world can rejoice sitting within the four walls even. As the clock strikes 12, the intact Times Square ruptures into ecstatic roar, tootling cars and people greeting each other. There are other popular traditions also like, people watch football games, street crowd, shopping and have special food like Hoppin John with black-eyed beans, down with cakes and champagne for luck and prosperity.

Fireworks and firecrackers are also an important part of this celebration throughout the country.

This tradition of greeting the upcoming year by arranging feasts and fiesta is there, since ancient times. Historians deem that ancient Babylonians commenced New Year tradition for over 4,000 years ago. Egyptians, Romans, Celts followed it and has brought to our generation where we rejoice it in the most profligate manner. It has become a New Year tradition for families even to go out for shopping, food, fun and most of all to clean and decorate their homes.

New Years Eve
Celebrations for New Year begins from New Years Eve on 31st December. Revelries and bashes are arranged to bid farewell to the preceding year and greeting the New Year in the hours of darkness clamoring and partying. To offer a commemorative reception to the forthcoming year people cut the Cakes, bottles of champagne and burst firecrackers. One can see the streets bustling with crowds and jam packed markets.

New Years Day Celebrations
The idea behind New Years Eve celebration is to bid adieu to the year gone by and give a warm welcome to the coming year. Family’s, friends or relative celebrate new year together as to remain in touch whole year and wish each other Happiness, joy, success, health come to their life’s.
People in New Year Eves Parties are seen in colorful new dresses especially selected for the occasion. Popular way of celebrating New Years Eve is to party until the moment of the transition of the year at midnight.
New Years Resolutions
New Year is the perfect time to have a glimpse on the past and make strategy for the future. In an endeavor to upgrade our lifestyle in the following year, many people make New Year Resolutions. These resolutions made during the New Year or taken on any occasion have a religious implication.

New Years Parades
In many countries, new year parades is a customary tradition. In US, Tournament of Roses is one of the most famous parades in which vessels are decorated with flowers. The most admired and talked about parades are the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco and the New Years Day Parade in London.

New Years Games
In many countries, there is a tradition to watch and even indulge in games and sports. Athletics, football, cricket are some of the common traditional New Year games. In some countries, special tournaments are organized for New Years Day. People enjoy by participating in indoor games and activities as well.

New Year traditional gifts bring happiness and hopes with the upcoming year and also show the respect and regards and new year traditional wishes of the person towards us.

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