Cute Christmas Quotes

Christmas is the season blessed with love. We wish our friends, relative and loved ones on this festival. This is the day we remember our all loved ones and want to say them some beautiful word that can fill their hearts with love and pleasure. In the fast moving world of today, most of our loved ones live at distance from us and we need some beautiful cute Christmas quotes for wishing them.

The cute Christmas quotes sayings can make them feel our emotions from even far distance and can remove the distance in a few moments. The cute Christmas quotes for friends can make our friends feel like they are along with us on Christmas. Our children need special attention of us and Christmas is the best time to show them your affection and bestow your love upon them. There are some amazing cute Christmas quotes for kids that will give them immense pleasure and convey your love to them. There are numerous such cute Christmas quotes for everyone and some are listed below.

  1.  I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. - Charles Dickens
  2. Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. - Larry Wilde
  3.  If “ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, wouldnt it be a Merry Christmas?” - Don Meredith
  4. My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that? - Bob Hope
  5. I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month. - Harlan Miller
  6. Christ was born in the first century, yet he belongs to all centuries. He was born a Jew, yet He belongs to all races. He was born in Bethlehem, yet He belongs to all countries. -George W. Truett
  7. Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold! -Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon
  8. Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. -Hamilton Wright Mabie
  9. At Christmas I no more desire a rose, than wish a snow in Mays new-fangled shows; but like of each thing that in season grows. - William Shakespeare.
  10. Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. - Washington Irving.


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